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The long range forecast shows an 8 to 14 day chance or temperatures and precipitation being above or below average. These graphics are best used for forecast made after 7 days. For forecast ranges longer than 8 to 14 days, please visit the Climate Prediction Center for more detailed information.

About Weather Binge

WXbinge (Weather Binge) is a meteorological website dedicated to the real-time observations of weather systems and events. WXbinge was developed to provide meteorologists and the general public with up-to-date U.S. weather forecasts and analyses. The Operational Weather System (OWS), created by Dr. James Spinks, utilizes NOAA and NASA weather products to develop additional products and generate data.

Humidty: 65%
Dew Point: 69°F
Wind: 0 mph
Gust/Peak Wind: -- mph
Pressure: 1017.08 mb

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