GOES-East/West and Global Precipitation Measurement and Radar (NEXRAD Level III) Observations

NEXRAD Level III and GOES-East

Global Precipitation Measurement and GOES-16 IR

GOES-16 True Color Visible (day) and IR (night)

GOES East: Channel 2 (Visible)

GOES-16 Brightness Temperature

GOES-16 Water Vapor

GOES-16 Air Mass

Derived Motion Wind

Three-day Forecast over the United States

Surface Temperature Maximum and Minimum


Winter Precipitation Outlook

Convective Outlook

Precip. Probability

Observed Precipitation (24hrs)

Observed Precipitation (7 Days)

Station Observation

Long-Range Forecast over the United States

The long range forecast shows an 8 to 14 day chance or temperatures and precipitation being above or below average. These graphics are best used for forecast made after 7 days. For forecast ranges longer than 8 to 14 days, please visit the Climate Prediction Center for more detailed information.

About Weather Binge

WXbinge (Weather Binge) is a meteorological website dedicated to forecasting analysis from observations and numerical weather models. WXbinge was developed to provide meteorologists and the general public with up-to-date forecasts and analyses. In addition, we also offer consulting for businesses and clients in need of information for various reasons.

Dr. James D. Spinks

  • North Carolina A&T State University (2014)
    Atmospheric Science
  • North Carolina A&T State University (2009)
    Applied Mathematics
  • Winston-Salem State University (2006)
    Applied Mathematics

I have been doing numerical weather modeling since 2008. Most of my experience comes from using the Weather Research and Forecast (model). I have done numerous simulations that include: forecasting, case studies, high-resolution modeling, data assimilation, long-term forecasting using spectral nudging, ensemble forecasting, modifications to code, and sensitivity testing. I also have experience running models on high-performance computing systems, particularly at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. I have initialized the model with various datasets such as GFS, ECMWF, CFSR, 20th Century Reanalysis, JRA, NCEP Reanalysis, and Merra. Most of my case studies in numerical modeling were on hurricane track and intensity, severe weather, African easterly wave development, and mid-latitude cyclones.

Goes-16 and HRRR Initialization Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis and Brightness Temperature

Additional Goes-16 Imagery

Goes-East Meso Sector 1

Goes-East Meso Sector 1

Goes-East Meso Sector 2

Goes-East Meso Sector 2

Goes East False Color

Goes-East False Color

Natural Color

Goes-East Natural Color

Goes East Day Cloud Convection

Goes-East Day Cloud Convection

Goes East Cloud Phase Distinction

Goes-East Cloud Phase Distinction

Goes East Cloud Phase (Day)

Goes-East Cloud Phase RGB (Day)

Goes East Nighttime Microphysics

Goes-East Nighttime Microphysics